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Sourcing Offshore Manufacturing Services

Hemmick  Services can call on over 30 years of sourcing manufacturing services and expertise, covering China, Taiwan and other Asian manufacturing centres.


If you have a product or part and you would like to reduce its manufacturing cost by at least 25% we can source a reliable Asian manufacturer to make it for you thus significantly reducing your costs.


Our local team of engineers ensures that your product is manufactuered to your quality standards, using the materials you specify and the processes you require. When the parts arrive you can be confident they have been rigourously inspected and will meet all your requirements.


We handle the sourcing and all logistics so that parts arrive when you need them.


We also of course protect your intellectual property and all our manufacturers sign confidentiallity and non-disclosure agreements.


We can provide most manufacturing processes including casting, machining, injection moulding, fabrication, roto-moulding, tool making, electronics assembly and many others.


These are actual Chinese factories where we have had quality products manufactuered

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