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Head Office, Tregenna House, Callington Road Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 3HB

YouTube Marketing Tools and Services

YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google and getting your business, products and services high in their rankings will also help your ranking in Google. We have tools we can apply to give your website, products and services greater prominance over your competitors in YouTube without expensive videos or advertising.

Elephant in the room...

How much do we cost? We are not expensive consultants, we are a small business like you, we don't have big overheads and costs, we can work out payment plans, results related fees, or stage payments. We relate our fees to the benefits you will obtain through the increased profitability of your business.

Call us or email to arrange a no charge initial chat and we can go from there.


Short videos, careful tagging and other tools can get your name high in the rankings. We can work with you to keep your business constantly in view of your potential customers by consistently featuring in search results.


Set up a YouTube channel and post videos about your products and how to use them or describe the service you offer. We can assist you with these tasks and ensure that you get good exposure and ratings which will increase the appeal of your products and services.

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