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Business Solutions


Tel. 01579 228612



Head Office, Tregenna House, Callington Road Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 3HB

Consultancy Solutions for Micro and Small Business Enterprises

We can assist new busineses and established busineses with most of their activities. This includes, but is not limited to incorporation, setting up accounting systems, marketing, internet marketing, websites, business planning, financial planning, premises, sales, operations, fulfillment systems, legal compliance and growing your business. We can provide support or just hold your hand as you set out on a new business adventure.

We offer an initial free of charge consultation when we work out with you your key objectives and how we can best help you. That may be just some advice or a major project ut you will be in control.

We have lots of experience in manufacturing and service bsuineses, from large corporate enterprises to small busineses that we have set up and run ourselves. We have faced many of the problems that you will encounter and can help guide you as you establish and grow your business

Elephant in the room...

How much do we cost? We are not expensive consultants, we are a small business like you, we don't have big overheads and costs, we can work out payment plans, results related fees, or stage payments. We relate our fees to the benefits you will obtain through the increased profitability of your business.

Call us or email to arrange a no charge initial chat and we can go from there.

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